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Jerusalem for gay travellers. When visiting Israel Jerusalem is an interesting place to visit. The gay night-life is limited. There are some gay friendly places to go.

Gay Jerusalem. 0 Love it. Do you? Tmol Shilshom fun place to meet the locals in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem gay pride parade is an annual pride parade taking place in Jerusalem. Since the first March for Pride and Tolerance in 2002, Jerusalem Pride—"Love Without Border"—has become an established event in Jerusalem, each year bringing in additional partners and supporters.

Israeli gay activists and lgbt community exercise their freedom and rights by marching through ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem for a...

Jerusalem has its own tiny, but new and vibrant, gay bar named Shushan (4 Shushan St.; no phone; Mondays feature distinctly Israeli drag ( queens ...

Some 3,500 people marched about 500 meters down a central Jerusalem street in the much-contested parade as about 8,000 Israeli... Jerusalem Gay Pictures and Images.

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An Orthodox Jewish man stabbed six, critically wounding two, at Israel's annual gay pride parade in Jerusalem, Thursday. Police arrested Yishai Schlissel after the incident.

Jerusalem gears up for gay pride parade under banner 'LGBTQ and Religion' https Mayor of Jerusalem surrendedred to extremists and will not march in #JerusalemGayPride...

The Jerusalem gay and lesbian scene may be quieter than the famous Tel Aviv scene but there are still a few happening places to enjoy gay travel in the city.

Private Gay Tours of Jerusalem, Israel, Tel Aviv. Туры и достопримечательности в городе Иерусалим.

Jerusalem. Write a travelogue with your impressions and recommendations: write a travelogue. Events in Jerusalem. Gay Map: Jerusalem.
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