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When I first started reporting on hepatitis C in gay men nearly a generation ago, the disease was already being called "the stealth epidemic," in part because of the typically long, silent progression of the disease in its chronic form...

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New cases of Hepatitis A, the highly contagious liver disease, are surging among gay and bisexual men in Los Angeles County, according to health officials. Vaccines against Hepatitis A are available.

EACS 2017: Test-and-Treat Reduces HCV Among Gay Men in Swiss HIV Cohort. AASLD 2017: Hepatitis C Testing Linked to Reduced Opioid Use. AASLD 2017: Immune Modulator Inarigivir Looks Promising for Hepatitis B.

What is hepatitis C and should gay men be concerned? Hepatitis C is a liver infection that could be fatal if left untreated - but you might not have symptoms for many years.|Автор: David Hudson.

Gay and bisexual men are at risk. California declared a state of emergency last month because of the outbreak, which now ranks as the Hepatitis A is commonly transmitted through contaminated food, but also can spread through sexual activity or through contact with feces, even in microscopic amounts.

Others identify the partners of women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and Hepatitis C. He want to (indirectly) kill as many gay men/HIV patients/male rape victims as possible.
Movie: SAUDI ARABIA: Wikileaks Outs Gay Men, Male Victims... - Joe.My.God.
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