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Less than half of the states have legalized gay marriage, but it's not legal in most. Which is dumb. And here's why. First thing's first. I am a Lutheran. The Black & White believes that user feedback is beneficial to maintain a balanced journalistic perspective.

As The New York Times reported: "The Gay Couples Study... fol "I was raised Lutheran - that shaped me somewhat, although I'm atheist now. Regardless, my values are around stability, growing old together, raising a family.

In 2013, openly gay Lutheran Guy Erwin, who has lived in a gay partnership for 19 years, was installed in California as Bishop of is possible to hold prayer services to bless same-sex couples."[14] Tens of thousands of Finns have resigned from the church during the 2010s due to comments made by...

Hearing the story from her perspective was what I needed. It was, after all, not only the story of a couple — it was the story of On Saturday June 27, the day after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage throughout the country, a gay pride parade was planned in Mr. Obergefell's home city.

Augustana College is a private school (in Rock Island, Illinois) affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. That's a relatively liberal church to be affiliated with, but what just happened there is still a news story because you wouldn't expect it from a church-affiliated-anything: Two gay students...

Outside Looking In: An African Perspective on American Pluralistic Society. Lutheran churches in the United States have included multiple ethnic cultures since the colonial era and continue to wrestle with increasing internal variety as one Gay and Lesbian Couples: Voices from Lasting Relationships.

Gay Couples Polk County Fl. Public Figure. Gay News Europe. A lesbian couple who were told to shell out £6,000 more than a heterosexual couple before they could have a baby with a help of NHS, has won a legal right for.

Photo of the Week. 'Gay' couple brings Offertory gifts at Arch. Study on Children Adopted by Homo Couples. Pro 'Gay' Finnish Lutheran Bishop Received by Francis. Mahony's Irreligious Education Conference.

Some Lutheran churches perform blessings for same-sex couples and some perform marriages for same-sex couples, while From this perspective, dogma is less In 2008, Horst Gorski, a respected theologian from Hamburg and the founder of a center for gay and lesbian Lutheran pastors, was one...

A conservative Lutheran couple living in North Dakota have filed a lawsuit against the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, claiming they were defamed and In their suit the Grabanskis charge that the congregation treated them maliciously after they expressed their opposition to gay marriage.

In January, Lutheran Archbishop Kari Mäkinen told a synod of bishops that the church does not look kindly on priests who marry gay couples. This parish will only open church doors to heterosexual couples. "God's will is clear and perfect. From the perspective of teachings on marriage, it is more...

Muller is gay himself and a part of the gay vatican church. This is duplicity he act in public holy while in private he in with the gay orgies and gay parties at the Vatican. And sits on all the sexual abuse cases that come before him over 2000.

However, the law only concerns civil marriages, which means gay couples who want to marry in a church are The issue has divided the Finnish Lutheran church. No formal verdict has been reached, but the "Seeing the development from the individual's perspective, waiting 10 years is a long time.
Photo : It's official: Gay marriage is now legal in Finland - but there's a catch
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